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I am writing  this month’s  blog, as I am the most qualified or least qualified, depending on your point of view with regard to the technical aspect of the business.

As the operations manager for Pearl my skills and talents are directed towards the operational side of the business. I, of course, would have a certain amount of technical knowledge, but my role does not require me to have a upper level of high tech training, However when the technical team want to demonstrate or test a product on someone who will see it from a non technical point of view they turn to their human guinea pig – me!

All our technical people, be they producers, editors or technicians are passionate about their work.

They are aware that ultimately it is how the end user ( the presenters or MC ) feels utilising the technology. The end user may or may not be technical and may not be involved from the outset of technical production or presentation. The most important thing to all the team, ultimately, is, the look and feel of the end product. It needs to be immediately appealing to the eye and feel comfortable and easy to use. Of course the techies  can deal with all the technical elements in the background but if you are giving a presentation you don’t need to know all the ingredients that go into the production, unless you are paying the bill! You only need to know it looks good, sounds good and feels good (and soon, smells good, we are currently working on  “eau de conférence”)


These days presenters and end clients are becoming more “tech savvy”  but that usually disappears when the “live presentation” comes into play. A presentation to an audience of your peers, managers, members of the press etc, can be quite a daunting task and you do not need the distraction of technical workings or jargon.

So the end product should be as simple and easy to use for the non-tech and tech-savvy alike.

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22 Feb

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