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Hi There,

We want to let you know about our re-brand.
In 1995 Pearl was established after identifying a gap in the market for a high quality audio visual provider to the conference and events industry in Ireland.

Since that time the company has become one of Irelands’ leading technical production companies’. Pearl is a dedicated, experienced team of people who are with you from first call right through to successful delivery.

Our impeccable track record in delivering successful events is matched only by a never ending curiosity and passion to innovate. In our first twenty years we have been first to market with many new ways to communicate by using the latest technologies. We push the boundaries making events engaging and memorable.

Over the years we have expanded our range of services far beyond audio visual and so, in this our twentieth year we have developed our brand identity to reflect this.

Pearl Group production services offers a full suite of services and products to the live events industry, in essence everything technical, from creative design right through to finished product. So whether you are a venue manager, an agency, an event organiser, either in-house or external, we
have a solution for you.

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Team Pearl

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09 Jul

We are Hiring: AV Technicians

Pearl Production Services is one of Ireland s’ leading technical production and AV company’s
Our award winning and innovative approach is driven by our committed and passionate team.
If you think you have what it takes to become part of that team and meet the criteria below, we want to hear from you.

Candidates should possess the following skills:

– Minimum 4 years in the AV industry with a thorough knowledge of basic Audio & Visual principles (any other relevant knowledge is and advantage)
– Have specific knowledge or specialise in a relevant av technology principle principle: V1 A1 L1 etc
– An ability to work as part of a team in delivering events to our clients
– Be self motivated with a ‘can do’ approach
– Understand deadlines
– An ability to deal with clients and offer solutions / troubleshooting
– Ambition to further educate and progress within the company

The successful candidates will be offered a generous package that will reflect their depth in meeting the above criteria

Apply in complete confidence to applications@pearlgroup.ie

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23 Mar

Engage, Share Communicate!

At this time of year it’s always good to see what technology is out there to capture the imagination!
In the heady world of exhibition, everyone is striving to make their stand…. Well stand out!

A great way to achieve this is to use technology. However it has to be done well and have purpose!
A good example of this is to use touch or interactive screens to showcase your product.
This creates an interactive experience that is bespoke to your brand and engages people from the first touch.

Users can browse, explore, watch and play in specially created displays that are branded throughout.
Content can also be provided to make the experience more complete.

Pearl offers a whole range of touch display devices all in full HD from 32 right up to 103 inches

The 103” touch display is the biggest available in Ireland!
It is multi user capable and is sure to leave a lasting impression irrespective of age or level of your audience.

www.pearlgroup.ie Tel: +353 1 6230038


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26 Nov

Welcome to our new website

After a couple of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We wanted a new website to better show our work and processes with our partners, clients and associates on that which we are most passionate about: sharing our perspective and our joy at a job well done.

We hope you like the fresh new look to the website and the improved navigation that will allow you to find the information you need more quickly and easily.

We are will continue to update our blog with new case studies, news and exciting projects from the Pearl Group team.

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30 Oct

Permanent Installation

Our fixed installation business is all about ease of use, reliability and a genuinely productive experience. Pearl supply and maintain fixed installation of av and communication equipment all over Ireland.

With a dedicated installations department Pearl can offer turn key solutions utilising the most modern forms of communication and interactive technologies, including communication to multiple locations simultaneously, high definition reproduction in visuals, a simple click to share and collaborate with colleagues to name a few.

Because we work in event rental technology and fixed installation we can allow for existing system expansion and future proofing.

Our install teams are all qualified and manufacturer verified in everything we install.

By also offering preventative maintenance and fast response plans there is piece of mind and a confidence in such an investment.


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28 Oct

Our Solution is Your Solution

Selling a concept or theme for an event is one thing, to carry it off successfully is another!

One technical solution :

The AV and events industry is changing, and at pace. Event organisers are looking for more and more services to be supplied by one provider, as opposed to multiple companies. Pearl are at the forefront of this change and have been offering single solution packages to event organisers for over five years. We can of course supply selected elements also as required.

Every event is handled in the same way: a dedicated project manager who has ownership from first call right through to delivery and debrief. Our production management system means a client has one point of contact for everything technical (design, scenic, lighting, sound, visuals, content etc) As the Pearl manager has ‘ownership’ of the event it offers great peace of mind and security

Our production management teams at Pearl are highly experienced (ranging from ten years to thirty). Add to this our track record of delivering highly successful events on a daily basis, recognition of our work by being multi award winning and a dedicated team of people who love what they do and you can see how you are in good hands.


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28 Oct

See the Light!

Understanding light and colour and how they will affect your event are important considerations in design.

Lighting architecture is changing at a rapid pace and the animation effects that can be achieved with intelligent moving lights can be a very powerful factor in making something emotive and compelling.

White light can also be used to create clear lines and brighten a stage or presentation space

Add to this the merge in lighting technology with advancements in LED and projection and truly amazing effects can be achieved.

The award winning team at Pearl understand light and how to make it emotive and effective in its particular environment or state.

This can be in exhibitions, conferences, award ceremonies, congress and specialised environments. The range is wide and Pearl has the skill and talent to make your event shine!


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28 Oct

Don’t Forget Content!

Pearl content department was established over 10 years ago and offers creative media to clients who want to showcase a product or service, or to simply let the world know about them!

We employ a permanent production and postproduction team that offers everything needed to take the seed of an idea and develop something that will deliver with a lasting impression. We offer fast turnaround and the flexibility needed to make changes in media.

Whether it’s for web, an event, a launch or a historical record we have everything to make a polished package that will look and sound great.

We offer

  • pre event promotional media
  • specialised content for live events
  • web media
  • filming services
  • full post production and edit
  • animated content
  • specialised presentation content

Video content is everywhere and everything. We understand the importance of making your media stand out, being different and getting your message across.


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28 Oct

Audio/Visual the Basics!

It is the foundation of any meeting or gathering is that everyone can hear and see everything. Founded nearly twenty years ago Pearl has been supplying strong reliable Audio Visual, and since then has steadily expanded its range of services and supply during this time right up to the supply of a full scale productions.

By investing in the best equipment and having it maintained by qualified Pearl personnel we offer reliability and confidence to all of our events, regardless of size.

Our stock is regularly updated and renewed meaning the latest technology is driving your meeting or event.

We lead by continually researching the market for the latest technologies to push your message. As a company introducing many new technologies to Ireland our clients are assured of being at the forefront with their event technology.


  • Nexo
  • Midas
  • Shure
  • Sennheisser
  • AKG
  • DPA


  • Christies Display Systems
  • Samsung Display
  • 3mm LED display
  • Sharp
  • Panasonic
  • NEC
  • Sony
  • Analog Way
  • Christie Spyder systems


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28 Oct

Making it Memorable!

Design is where we begin the process of bringing your event to life.

There is a story to everything and strong design is a key building block in making your story engaging. Experienced designers can creatively transform any event space into something special. The broad spectrum of technology available and the ever-changing way in how we perceive events means good design is essential in highlighting an event.

The best place to start is with some solid advice. Even before you select your event location, it’s a great idea to find out where is best for the type of event you are hosting.

Knowing the pros and cons of event spaces can be seen more clearly making the selection process easier.

If you already have a design or concept we can associate it to a technical design and propose how it can be brought to life.

Transforming your chosen space is the next phase and here we can visualise just how it will look. By offering a single solution you can see all of the elements that will make an event unique.

Having a visualisation gives focus and means all parties involved are thinking about the event in the same way.

It is from here the following design elements come into play

  • scenic
  • lighting
  • audio
  • visual
  • graphic
  • content & media

For advice and guidance chat to a team who can give you considered, experienced advice.


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28 Oct

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