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Selling a concept or theme for an event is one thing, to carry it off successfully is another!

One technical solution :

The AV and events industry is changing, and at pace. Event organisers are looking for more and more services to be supplied by one provider, as opposed to multiple companies. Pearl are at the forefront of this change and have been offering single solution packages to event organisers for over five years. We can of course supply selected elements also as required.

Every event is handled in the same way: a dedicated project manager who has ownership from first call right through to delivery and debrief. Our production management system means a client has one point of contact for everything technical (design, scenic, lighting, sound, visuals, content etc) As the Pearl manager has ‘ownership’ of the event it offers great peace of mind and security

Our production management teams at Pearl are highly experienced (ranging from ten years to thirty). Add to this our track record of delivering highly successful events on a daily basis, recognition of our work by being multi award winning and a dedicated team of people who love what they do and you can see how you are in good hands.


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28 Oct

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