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Just a few short years ago social media brands were barely a blip on business radars. Today the business world is now located right in the epicentre of ‘social media’. News agencies, bloggers, corporate giants, practically everyone has a presence of some description. More and more companies now see a presence on social media as an essential part of their marketing and customer engagement. This makes for a very busy media space, so something extra is needed for your message to stand out.



Content is king when posting online. There is now a natural expectation for some kind of video or image to articulate, explain or emphasise a message. Content and how it is presented will say a lot about a brand e.g. concise short videos that have a look and feel that reflect your brand will say one thing, whereas poorly collated content where the key messages are not delivered and presented in an engaging way just encourages people to skip on to something else.



Working in a live event presents great potential for social media exposure, particularly through video and still imagery. Smart phone videos uploaded by you, your audience and presenters are now common place. By following up post event with a highlights you can extend the trend and reinforce your message while creating a ‘feel-good’ factor for attendees.



Social media is now also becoming part of presentations, with presenters using interactive technology to prompt questions and responses, keeping audiences engaged and participative. Offering people input and asking for their view on a topic generates more activity. People like to be asked for their opinion and this in turn generates a feel good factor about the conference or event.



Having a leading technical production company is central to successful events and by having one who are experienced and understand the best way to keep the conversation going is a great move to building your customer base.
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30 Jul

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