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Design is where we begin the process of bringing your event to life.

There is a story to everything and strong design is a key building block in making your story engaging. Experienced designers can creatively transform any event space into something special. The broad spectrum of technology available and the ever-changing way in how we perceive events means good design is essential in highlighting an event.

The best place to start is with some solid advice. Even before you select your event location, it’s a great idea to find out where is best for the type of event you are hosting.

Knowing the pros and cons of event spaces can be seen more clearly making the selection process easier.

If you already have a design or concept we can associate it to a technical design and propose how it can be brought to life.

Transforming your chosen space is the next phase and here we can visualise just how it will look. By offering a single solution you can see all of the elements that will make an event unique.

Having a visualisation gives focus and means all parties involved are thinking about the event in the same way.

It is from here the following design elements come into play

  • scenic
  • lighting
  • audio
  • visual
  • graphic
  • content & media

For advice and guidance chat to a team who can give you considered, experienced advice.


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28 Oct

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