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Frank White talking about SCT on Connect 16 event.

Listen up!!


Not you to us but us listening to you!

By listening carefully to what you want to achieve, to what your message is, we can offer technology that will compliment just what you want to say,  reflecting perfectly on who you are and what you have to offer. By having this conversation from the very beginning you are on the road to hosting great events.

– Listen to what you want to achieve
– Asking the relevant questions to understand your message.
– Defining the goals with you

In addition, we work around the budgets, and maximise them by offering value in everything we do.

We then think about such thing as:

–  Space:  where works best
– Content: your message and what you want to convey
– Tech: technologies that will compliment your message

These elements working in synergy can make for great and even exceptional events.

So what can we do as technical production provider?

Put simply we offer one solution for everything technical you need around an event (i.e. all of the technical elements coming from one source!) But of course it is also a lot more than this. By bringing creativity, design and engaging content into play, you have a formula to make a great event!

Applying the SCT method will really help you design events in a more structured way saving you time in the long run  and  the time you can save here can be immense.

Visualisation created for client


With the “Space” approved, our next step is to fill that space with engaging “Content” that delivers your message. Keep in mind that sometimes the space can bring limitations to what can be achieved. The sweet spot is the understanding of these limitations and  getting the best out of the space.

Where does the “Technology” come into play?

These days technology is everywhere. As a technical production company we make sure we bring to the project the best ideas that work (together or alongside) the content, using the space to its best advantage.

Think about it,  that conversation at the beginning  of the project will make the best use of your investment and at the same time open up a whole new array of possibilities !

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08 Nov

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