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touchscreen01Interactive displays are a great way of enticing people onto your exhibition or conference stand. They beckon people in a way that nothing else can match. It becomes an adventure right from that first tentative prod on the display.

We’re driven to keep on exploring, keep on going deeper. Interactive displays have an unique ability to captivate people, to entertain and educate,  all at the same time. And the uses they can be put to are practically endless.

At their most basic they can be used just to play games, maybe to keep younger members of an audience entertained. They are big enough so that more than just the player can watch. In fact, they often attract their own audience, with a queue of would-be players also forming up, and some of them are not so young either! The displays also caters for multiple users if the game demands it.

They also have a more serious side. An interactive display can be used to provide information about multiple services or  products with the user just following the one they’re interested it. It allows an attendee to register interest  on the display itself which the vendor can then respond to post event. In fact anything that information is needed on, whether text, video or audio,  the interactive display can deliver it, and in a focused and entertaining way. The adventure only works though if the interface is intuitive and responsive, and the content is presented in a understandable and easy to navigate format.

At Pearl we have a number of interactive displays, from 55 inch up to a jaw dropping 103 inch. The display, though, is only half the answer. Content is also needed but again we think we have it nailed. We can take your content and adapt it so it works for touch screen or if you don’t have the content we can bring your story to life by creating content for you.


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02 Nov

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