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At this time of year it’s always good to see what technology is out there to capture the imagination!
In the heady world of exhibition, everyone is striving to make their stand…. Well stand out!

A great way to achieve this is to use technology. However it has to be done well and have purpose!
A good example of this is to use touch or interactive screens to showcase your product.
This creates an interactive experience that is bespoke to your brand and engages people from the first touch.

Users can browse, explore, watch and play in specially created displays that are branded throughout.
Content can also be provided to make the experience more complete.

Pearl offers a whole range of touch display devices all in full HD from 32 right up to 103 inches

The 103” touch display is the biggest available in Ireland!
It is multi user capable and is sure to leave a lasting impression irrespective of age or level of your audience.

www.pearlgroup.ie Tel: +353 1 6230038


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26 Nov

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