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For over 10 years we have been creating video and creative content for the corporate sector and now we feel it’s time to give it it’s own brand identity.
We have created a website www.madebypearl.ie to showcase a small sample of that work. Made by Pearl will always strive to be innovative and creative in our approach ensuring content of the highest quality for our clients.

See our showreel here.

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19 Sep

Introducing our new AV Installation Manager


Pearl are deligted to congratulate Theodoros Zioutos on his new role in our installation department. Theodoros (Theo) will head up the department with immmediate effect as AV Installation Manager. With over 22 years experience in the AV industry Theo possesses a wealth of knowledge, particularly around permanent installation and turn key solutions for av integration. Along with his experience are multiple certifications relevant to providing turn-key solutions;

Theo’s enthusiasm is matched only by his extensive knowledge of technology designed for this sector.

“I’m really looking forward to the role and expanding the range of services we provide to new and existing clients.
We offer the latest technology in meeting room automation and with design led solutions

 Pearl provide  the path to smooth running communications within a company “

To find out more about how we can make your audio visual for internal meetings email us at:
theo@pearlgroup.ie | info@pearlgroup.ie

q-sys_level2_badge HPU_HCAP_Programmingextrondante_certified_logo_level2


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13 Apr


Frank White talking about SCT on Connect 16 event.

Listen up!!


Not you to us but us listening to you!

By listening carefully to what you want to achieve, to what your message is, we can offer technology that will compliment just what you want to say,  reflecting perfectly on who you are and what you have to offer. By having this conversation from the very beginning you are on the road to hosting great events.

– Listen to what you want to achieve
– Asking the relevant questions to understand your message.
– Defining the goals with you

In addition, we work around the budgets, and maximise them by offering value in everything we do.

We then think about such thing as:

–  Space:  where works best
– Content: your message and what you want to convey
– Tech: technologies that will compliment your message

These elements working in synergy can make for great and even exceptional events.

So what can we do as technical production provider?

Put simply we offer one solution for everything technical you need around an event (i.e. all of the technical elements coming from one source!) But of course it is also a lot more than this. By bringing creativity, design and engaging content into play, you have a formula to make a great event!

Applying the SCT method will really help you design events in a more structured way saving you time in the long run  and  the time you can save here can be immense.

Visualisation created for client


With the “Space” approved, our next step is to fill that space with engaging “Content” that delivers your message. Keep in mind that sometimes the space can bring limitations to what can be achieved. The sweet spot is the understanding of these limitations and  getting the best out of the space.

Where does the “Technology” come into play?

These days technology is everywhere. As a technical production company we make sure we bring to the project the best ideas that work (together or alongside) the content, using the space to its best advantage.

Think about it,  that conversation at the beginning  of the project will make the best use of your investment and at the same time open up a whole new array of possibilities !

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08 Nov

The Secret Ingredient

So I am writing my second blog for the company. I have decided to break some blog rules that I have read about, and I am actually going to talk about how great the company actually is.
I can hear the gasps of horror from the professional bloggers out there, but I am going on annual leave soon and I have no time for skirting around the facts by writing a clever piece, that hints at why you should consider Pearl Group as your preferred choice for technical production, when that is what I actually believe and want to say.

What prompted me to take this bold decision was a meeting with one of our newest but very influential customers. We were having a debrief post his annual conference.
It was the first time he had utilised Pearl and his feedback was thus;

The audio, visual, lighting, backdrop and technical support was the best he had ever seen.
When he arrived on site the evening before the event, he was totally impressed that Pearl had fully understood his brief, the set up was so far advanced and in “show ready” mode.
This had created a relaxed atmosphere among the organising staff and presenters, and a feeling of “we are in safe and professional hands” prevailed.

He also suggested, that there was something more that makes Pearl unique, as well as the  perfect set up, pro active team and the best of equipment, there was another ingredient in the Pearl mix, that led him to the conclusion that he would use Pearl in the future.
In his opinion, it is this “ingredient” that sets Pearl apart from the rest.

OK according to the blog manual I have over run on  the word count, and I don’t want to break all the rules at once, so why not contact us to find out what that secret ingredient is………


Best regards
Stephen White
Operations Director and Chef
Pearl Group

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01 Jul

The end product


I am writing  this month’s  blog, as I am the most qualified or least qualified, depending on your point of view with regard to the technical aspect of the business.

As the operations manager for Pearl my skills and talents are directed towards the operational side of the business. I, of course, would have a certain amount of technical knowledge, but my role does not require me to have a upper level of high tech training, However when the technical team want to demonstrate or test a product on someone who will see it from a non technical point of view they turn to their human guinea pig – me!

All our technical people, be they producers, editors or technicians are passionate about their work.

They are aware that ultimately it is how the end user ( the presenters or MC ) feels utilising the technology. The end user may or may not be technical and may not be involved from the outset of technical production or presentation. The most important thing to all the team, ultimately, is, the look and feel of the end product. It needs to be immediately appealing to the eye and feel comfortable and easy to use. Of course the techies  can deal with all the technical elements in the background but if you are giving a presentation you don’t need to know all the ingredients that go into the production, unless you are paying the bill! You only need to know it looks good, sounds good and feels good (and soon, smells good, we are currently working on  “eau de conférence”)


These days presenters and end clients are becoming more “tech savvy”  but that usually disappears when the “live presentation” comes into play. A presentation to an audience of your peers, managers, members of the press etc, can be quite a daunting task and you do not need the distraction of technical workings or jargon.

So the end product should be as simple and easy to use for the non-tech and tech-savvy alike.

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22 Feb

Calcutta Run 2015

Set up by the legal profession 17 years ago, the run has become known as the ‘legal fundraiser’ The run supports 2 causes, Peter McVerry Trust and Goal.
With everything raised going to both charities it opens the way for companies like Pearl Group to contribute. Supplying  audio technology for race day, we are delighted to be part of such a worthy event.
This year an amazing €164.000 was raised between both charities, and Pearl attended the official handover of the funds. We are looking forward to 2016 already. If you are interested to run get more information www.calcuttarun.com
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22 Dec

Team Pearl supporting Strictly Against Breast Cancer

Pearl were delighted to support and attend   Breast Cancer Ireland’s fundraising event ‘Strictly Against Breast Cancer’  held at the CCD, Dublin on Saturday 21st Nov.

A glittering night with fantastic dance routines performed by some of Ireland’s best known celebrities and socialites! High on the agenda was fun!  And it was in abundance. Some of the Pearl team were there on the night to enjoy the party atmosphere.



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23 Nov

Interactive Displays

touchscreen01Interactive displays are a great way of enticing people onto your exhibition or conference stand. They beckon people in a way that nothing else can match. It becomes an adventure right from that first tentative prod on the display.

We’re driven to keep on exploring, keep on going deeper. Interactive displays have an unique ability to captivate people, to entertain and educate,  all at the same time. And the uses they can be put to are practically endless.

At their most basic they can be used just to play games, maybe to keep younger members of an audience entertained. They are big enough so that more than just the player can watch. In fact, they often attract their own audience, with a queue of would-be players also forming up, and some of them are not so young either! The displays also caters for multiple users if the game demands it.

They also have a more serious side. An interactive display can be used to provide information about multiple services or  products with the user just following the one they’re interested it. It allows an attendee to register interest  on the display itself which the vendor can then respond to post event. In fact anything that information is needed on, whether text, video or audio,  the interactive display can deliver it, and in a focused and entertaining way. The adventure only works though if the interface is intuitive and responsive, and the content is presented in a understandable and easy to navigate format.

At Pearl we have a number of interactive displays, from 55 inch up to a jaw dropping 103 inch. The display, though, is only half the answer. Content is also needed but again we think we have it nailed. We can take your content and adapt it so it works for touch screen or if you don’t have the content we can bring your story to life by creating content for you.


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02 Nov

Stand out from the crowd!

Heres’s a really great way

Take some of our 55” full HD slim line visual displays. Put them in the vertical position.
Add some bespoke visuals. Maybe include a clock, date, weather and even a news feed.
You now have an active bespoke electronic sign. This HD quality display is a sure way to attract the attention of visitors.

55" Screen - Vertical55" Screen - Vertical

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04 Sep

Moving with the times…..


Just a few short years ago social media brands were barely a blip on business radars. Today the business world is now located right in the epicentre of ‘social media’. News agencies, bloggers, corporate giants, practically everyone has a presence of some description. More and more companies now see a presence on social media as an essential part of their marketing and customer engagement. This makes for a very busy media space, so something extra is needed for your message to stand out.



Content is king when posting online. There is now a natural expectation for some kind of video or image to articulate, explain or emphasise a message. Content and how it is presented will say a lot about a brand e.g. concise short videos that have a look and feel that reflect your brand will say one thing, whereas poorly collated content where the key messages are not delivered and presented in an engaging way just encourages people to skip on to something else.



Working in a live event presents great potential for social media exposure, particularly through video and still imagery. Smart phone videos uploaded by you, your audience and presenters are now common place. By following up post event with a highlights you can extend the trend and reinforce your message while creating a ‘feel-good’ factor for attendees.



Social media is now also becoming part of presentations, with presenters using interactive technology to prompt questions and responses, keeping audiences engaged and participative. Offering people input and asking for their view on a topic generates more activity. People like to be asked for their opinion and this in turn generates a feel good factor about the conference or event.



Having a leading technical production company is central to successful events and by having one who are experienced and understand the best way to keep the conversation going is a great move to building your customer base.
Pearl offer a complete single solution to all of your technical requirements from creative concepts right through to implementation and delivery.
As one of Irelands’ leading technical production companies our team know how to make your event innovative and successful.
Talk to us now to learn about the latest tech trends


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30 Jul

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